A Diverse Ecosystem = A Healthy Ecosystem, Inside + Out

At Urban Moonshine, we recognize the relationship between the health of the individual and the health of the planet–between the microbiome and the macrobiome, if you will.  In fact the two, we believe, are inextricably linked.  

Our organic bitters have a mission, and that is to simultaneously support our inner and outer ecosystems.  

While the ways of the modern world have wreaked havoc on both the human microbiome and the planetary macrobiome, the road to health for both of these shares many of the same answers. Many are simple answers, really, and they revolve around diversity.  

Plant Diversity on the Outside

Having a wide variety of plants in an environment attracts pollinators and wildlife and ensures healthy, resilient ecosystems.  Plant diversity, including wildflowers and wild weeds, is essential for the health of the environment. To support plant diversity in nature, sow seeds that attract pollinators, let wild weeds grow wild (i.e. embrace those backyard dandelions!) and plant a garden that includes native and heirloom plants. Know your weeds, and embrace them. For plants that are resilient out in the world are often the ones that offer the most useful health benefits.

Plant Diversity on the Inside

By supporting diversity in the plant world, you grow inner diversity as well. Having access to a variety-rich diet that includes wild, fiber-rich plants and bitter flavors supports a healthy digestive ecosystem. We all know that the root of good health starts with good digestion—meaning that your inner ecosystem has a major role to play. With the modern diet being so redundant in salt, sugar and simple carbohydrates, we are in incredible need of diversification—most specifically the inclusion of bitter plants in our daily lives, through both diet and a regular bitters habit. Many of these bitter plants are, in fact, the same wild weeds that our planet and pollinators depend on. And their consumption, as it happens, is critical to maintaining healthy digestion. The herbs in our bitters formulas support your digestion by stimulating digestive secretions, supporting nutrient absorption, and relieving occasional gas, bloating, nausea and heartburn. What’s even cooler about this formula is that it also contains the prebiotic inulin. Coming from both dandelion and burdock root, inulin actually feeds your good gut bacteria ensuring that they thrive. Make your microbiome happy and diverse—and know that you’re supporting a happy and diverse macrobiome while you’re at it!

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