Our Sourcing

We are passionate about supporting local and domestic herb farms as part of our commitment to sustainable agricultural practices.

By sourcing our herbs from these farms, we not only contribute to their growth but also encourage the adoption of ecologically responsible methods in organic farming. This approach promotes soil fertility, biodiversity, and long-term agricultural sustainability, ultimately protecting the environment, preserving natural resources, and supporting rural communities. We take pride in partnering with local farmers who share our values, ensuring that our products are crafted with care and consideration for both people and the planet.Meet the dedicated farmers behind the cultivation of the vibrant medicinal herbs incorporated into our products.

Meet Our Farmers

Oshala Farm

Oshala Farm is a family-run certified organic farm specializing in cultivating over 85 varieties of medicinal herbs and spices using regenerative and sustainable practices. They serve as a vital link for discerning herbalists, providing a direct connection to the source of their herbs and extensive knowledge of their cultivation methods. Oshala Farm cherishes the opportunity to produce high-quality herbs in harmony with the natural environment, catering to the needs of the herbal community. With the support of their customers, they take pride in being responsible stewards of the land, ensuring sustainable farming practices for future generations.

Foster Farm Botanicals

Foster Farm Botanicals is a 250-acre organic herbal farm located in rural Calais, Vermont. The farm has been in the same family for over 200 years. We grow, harvest and process certified organic botanicals. We are a ROC, ROP, and USDA Certified organic farm. We are committed stewards of the land and are grateful to share our love of plants with you.

Zack Woods Herb Farm

Zack Woods Herb Farm is a certified organic medicinal herb farm and botanical sanctuary located on the unceded homelands of the Wabanaki, in the heart of the green mountains of north-central Vermont. All of ZWHF herbs are organically grown or ethically wild-harvested and exhibit the incredible life force that flows through the land.

Pacific Botanicals

Pacific Botanicals is dedicated to empowering people everywhere to experience the miracle of good health. We have been growing high quality organic medicinal herbs in the Applegate Valley since 1979. Each year we cultivate approximately 40 different species on our farm in Southern Oregon. Our microclimate is pollution free, and takes advantage of the abundant rainfall of the Southern Oregon coastal flow, and the irrigation water from the Applegate River Watershed whose source is in the snow melt of the Marble Mountains Wilderness Area.

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