A Nuanced Modern Love Potion

Love potions and aphrodisiac elixirs can be found in nearly every culture throughout time. It makes sense that records of these sexually stimulating formulas have been passed down for thousands of years. We need sex to survive as a species. We’re also sentient creatures; in general we love both love and pleasure for their own sakes. Naturally, as a species that has evolved with the use of plants tied inextricably to our evolution at every step of the way, we have a particular fascination with those plants that are said to induce love and passion.

The term aphrodisiac is an ode to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. As a testament to both the power of this goddess and the potency of a well-crafted aphrodisiac (as well as the rich lure surrounding the subject matter), we can look to the words inscribed on the now famous Cup of Nestor, dated to around 720 BC: “Whoever drinks from this cup, him straightaway the desire of beautiful-crowned Aphrodite will seize.” You see, a good love potion is a force to be reckoned with.

A good love potion is also a nuanced one. It reaches beyond the scope of passion and lust alone. It recognizes that deeply satisfying intimacy requires an open and engaged heart as much as it requires a primed and desirous body. Our Chocolate Love Tonic keeps this in mind. While this sweet and enchanting formula calls on the likes of chocolate, damiana and honey to beckon healthy, playful passion, it is also rounded out by the emotional support of rose and hawthorn.

We all know rose as a symbol of love and romance, and for good reason. It is without a doubt a very special flower, particularly when it comes to matters of the heart.  Hawthorn is less renowned in popular culture, but is traditionally known for being equally supportive of emotional balance and a healthy, loving heart. In fact, the two herbs belong to the same botanical family, which often indicates they have some similar qualities to offer.

Picture hawthorn as a mix between an apple tree and a rose bush. It has the stature of an apple tree with matching white, five-petaled flowers and the insistent thorns of a rose. These thorns are, in fact, part of the magic of both hawthorn and rose. They’re like a built-in, symbolic armor telling us that they’ve got our back; they’re standing guard so that we may let our guard down. Both herbs are known for helping hold safe space for the heart. At the same time, their aromatic flowers and fruit mirror to us beauty and sensual pleasure. However you frame it, hawthorn and rose are great for beckoning us into the present moment with our lovers.

The ritual of imbibing a love tonic or elixir to get you and your sweetheart in the mood has stood the test of time. Love potions were written about by the famed Greek physician Hippocrates over 2,000 years ago. Aphrodisiacs have been a part of Chinese, Egyptian and Ayurvedic material medicas since well before then. Herbs and foods traditionally used then, like honey and rose, are still called upon today to support sexual health and vitality. Chocolate Love Tonic is a modern day formula using age-old herbs.  It is thoughtfully blended to support your heart while inviting passionate indulgence. Try sharing some with your lover, and enjoy the places it takes you!

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