Adaptogens for Stress, Energy, and Sleep

Because stress and change will always be a part of human life, the key to not letting it affect our quality of life is through adaptability. One of the single most central attributes to living a good life is to maintain a life of balance. When we don't support ourselves during periods of stress, some of the juiciest and richest aspects of life fizzle out. Our creative and social life suffers, we feel drained energetically and we don't get the deeply nourishing and rejuvenating rest that our bodies need.

Slowing down, exercising, time in nature, less screen time, time with loved ones are all essential. But as herbalists, we know the secret to getting our nervous system into balance; we turn to adaptogens.  

Adaptogens help expand your body's capacity to adapt and handle mental, physical and emotional stress, and give you the balanced response that your body needs to sustain healthy energy levels, get deep rest, and ignite creativity.*  

We use adaptogens for a range of reasons, or whenever stress is the primary or underlying factor. They are especially helpful for when stress has left you feeling fatigued, sluggish (both physically and mentally) and when overall vitality requires some support.

Check out a few of the ones we use to support ourselves:

 Adaptogens for Sleep, Stress, Energy

Ashwagandha: This potent root is one that promotes a deep sense of calm; providing relief of tension to a wired and tired nervous system, and encouraging deep, tranquil rest. *  While it is not sedating, and can be taken any time of day, this one is a favorite for winding down in the evenings. You can find Ashwagandha in our Simmer Down Tonic.

Rhodiola: This stimulating adaptogen supports stamina and endurance with a noticeable boost, but without the effects of caffeine. Over time, it strengthens our adrenal system, and enhances alertness. * This is a great one if you rely on stimulants to get you through the day. You can find Rhodiola in our Energy Tonic.

Maca:Tonifying and supporting to the endocrine system, Maca delivers abundant energy, promotes a good mood, and is balancing to the nervous system. It's a favorite of ours for igniting creative energy with our partners.*  Its nutty butterscotch flavor pairs delicious in almost any drink, dessert or smoothie.

Schisandra: Bright, and vibrant in its color and flavor, Schisandra is tonifying and soothing to a wired and jazzed nervous system. A great one for enhancing stamina, and for stimulating and balancing vitality.* You can find this ingredient in our Energy Tonic.

Reishi: A well-known medicinal mushroom, traditionally used for its deep immune support, this herb is also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for nourishing the heart. Its adaptogenic effect imparts centeredness while relieving stress, and balancing our Qi- the life energy within us.* You can find Reishi in our Immune Tonic.

Tulsi-One of the few adaptogens that come in a green leafy form, this plant is a fantastic adaptogen, supporting our nervous system during periods of occasional stress and burn out. It's sweet, spicy vanilla aroma and taste make it a favorite one to uplift the spirit.* It's a favorite in tea, as well as smoothies and fresh juices. You can find Tulsi in our Simmer Down Tonic.


Adaptogen herbs are meant to be taken regularly over the long-term with the purpose of toning and strengthening the body’s systems. Many herbal superstars like the adaptogenic herbs eleuthero, licorice, maca, and schisandra are fantastic adaptogens for the summer season.*

Our go-to formulas are our Simmer Down Tonic which includes herbs like ashwagandha, tulsi, and milky oats. It’s designed to promote adaptability and calmness in the face of life’s everyday stressors. And Energy Tonic- our energizing adaptogen formula with a distinct focus on maintaining healthy energy levels and mental alertness.*

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