An Herbalist's Holiday and Winter Travel Essentials

Traveling is always exciting until the first realization that you aren't at  your best, and you are without your usual home comforts. An occasional  headache, situational indigestion, or occasional motion sickness, situational sleeplessness, or an immune system that needs a boost can have you feeling out of sorts in no time. That's when it's smart to prepare before the problems occur. During the busy travel times of the year, we never leave home without our favorite herbs, whether you are visiting the in-laws, or headed to a tropical location, these essentials help for a stress-free vacation. 

Our essentials: 

Immune Zoom - Immune Zoom is our favorite formula to lean on during travel when you never know what might hit you. It is packed with plants like elderberry and echinacea, that have a long history of traditional use for supporting optimal immune function, and accented by warming synergists ginger and cayenne. Finished with organic, raw honey, this formula is simple but complete. Immune support on the go has never been easier.*  

Joy Tonic - An aromatic blend of herbs traditionally used to promote a joyful spirit and positive mental attitude.  It's perfect for easing any occasional seasonal blues, tension or worry that might come up around this time of year.* We put it in our water bottles while traveling or during the holiday season, and love the gentle support it provides.  

Hit the Hay - A traditional formula used to promote relaxation on the occasional sleepless night — best for those nights where you aren't sleeping in your bed or changing time zones. Often, falling asleep isn't a problem. Sleep can also be disrupted by waking up way too early—difficulty with sleep maintenance. We all can experience this occasionally: the mind goes around in circles, and restlessness follows – sometimes at 1am, 2am, 3am. Very few sleep aids help with this, but this formula was designed with that in mind. We focus instead on herbs like passionflower and kava, which relieves the stress of the day and allows the mind to gently relax.* Plus, it won't leave you feeling groggy if you take it in the middle of the night.

Digestive Bitters - We never leave home without them. Use them for occasional gas and bloating, by taking them before you eat to ignite the digestive fire, and to support the production of the body's natural digestive juices, or for occasional heartburn and indigestion by sipping a small amount after a meal.* While on the go and eating you, you never know what you might encounter, or eat, so these never leave the purse and our spray sizes make them easy and convenient for travel.


Herbal Tea

It's amazing what a quiet moment with a cup of tea can do for you amid the busy holidays or the traveling season. Make sure to always keep a few tea bags on hand so you can pull them out when you need them most.  

Cup of Calm Tea - This tea is like a quiet meditation. It includes herbs like passionflower, chamomile, lavender and catnip, all known as "nervines" because they support the nervous system.* It's the perfect thing to sip and unwind at the end of the day. 

Reishi with Rooibos tea - "The mushroom of immortality," reishi is gaining popularity in the West for its ability to support the immune system and help keep the body in balance.* We have been sipping this daily for immune support and loving the balanced flavor when combined with rooibos and orange peel. A great one to take on the road with you. 


Very helpful extras: 

Aromatic support

We all know the feeling when we smell or taste something pleasing—it's instant enjoyment, and grounds you into the present moment. This is the reason why herbalists love aromatic plants; they offer an instant reset button to your mood and spirit. 

Native Roots Hydrosol - When we feel refreshed, especially in our skin, we feel more like ourselves. While traveling, and especially during the winter months, our skin can get quite dehydrated when we spend a lot of time outdoors or traveling in airports, so these make the perfect solution for quick on-the-go replenishment. 100% fresh plant hydrosol, these can be used liberally all day long to tone, hydrate, and refresh. 

Lunaroma Deep Calm perfume oil- This perfume oil helps us to feel grounded and calm with anything that comes out way. We use it liberally on our temples and wrists.  

Badger Balms Stress Soother - Portable Anti-Stress Aromatherapy roller that promotes calm and courage when times get tough

Luce Farm CBD Warming Rub - a warming body rub with ginger, arnica, and CBD.  This is the perfect travel companion for any aches and pains from traveling, sitting too long, or to help the body relax at night. 

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