An Herbalist's Holiday Gift Guide

Create herbal care packages with inspiration and pairings to our organic herbal tinctures for a theme that feels personalized to your loved ones.

It's no secret, we have become known as the most creative and thoughtful gift-givers in our circles! All it takes is a little plant magic. 

Our annual gift guide aims to make your holiday shopping personal, thoughtful, and healthy; for your friends and family, and the planet. A favorite tradition at this time of year is to gift with intention, and create herbal care packages. We pair our organic herbal tinctures with organic herbal tea and a complimentary item or two that rounds out the bundle for a theme that feels personalized to our loved ones.

See below for some inspiration. 

Stress and Mood Gift Idea

Stress and Mood Wellness 

Our best herbal formulas for soothing the mind, easing occasional stress, supporting energy levels and helping you get a good night's rest.*

We like to give Joy Tonic to the yogi, the worrywart, the inspiration seeker, or anyone who could use a little spiritual uplift. Simmer Down® Tonic makes an excellent gift for the person in your life who is always running on empty; the workaholic, the new parents, or the one who needs a good night’s sleep. 

Hit the Hay® makes a great item for the family night owl, the traveler, or the person in your life who could use a little more shut eye. 

Energy Tonic® is perfect for the athlete, student or entrepreneur in your life--for the ones who like to power on and play hard. 

For a tea pair: Cup of Calm®, Cup of Sunshine®, Stress Ease® 

Pair these products with anything that supports calm and relaxation: aromatherapy candles, essential oil diffusers, acupressure mat, eye pillows, or The Little Book of Hygge for the ultimate self-care bundle.

Digestive Gift Pairing

The Root of Good Health ( and Beauty) is Good Digestion

For digestion, detox and gut health, a full selection of our certified organic Bitters make great gifts for the foodie in your life or the person who loves to host dinner parties and would enjoy the ritual of a digestive aperitif before meals.

They're also a great gift for the skincare and beauty lover. The age-old saying, “beauty starts from within” is true in many ways and our motto as herbalists is that the root of good skin health starts with digestion and liver support. What you put on your skin matters, but it’s almost more important to pay attention to what you are putting in your body. Herbalists turn to bitter roots, from burdock to dandelion, to keep skin healthy*.

Tea Pairing Tea: Roasted Dandelion Root, Dandelion Chai Probiotic, Peppermint 

Pair these herbal gifts with our DIY Bitters Book or special cordial glasses for the hostess. For the beauty lover, a lymphatic drainage tool and a set of bitters make a dynamic duo for glowing from the inside out. 

Immunity Gift Idea

Immunity in Mind 

Whatever the season, these herbal blends have your back. Cozy up with these formulas to support immune health.* 

We love to gift Immune Tonic to the teachers in our life, or the world traveler to support a healthy immune system over time.* 

Immune Zoom® and Clear Chest are our favorite herbal blends to use when you need support in the moment. Gift them to the mindful, healthy parents, or anyone looking to start an herbal apothecary with seasonal items. 

Tea Pairing: Reishi Mushroom with Rooibos, Echinacea Plus®, Throat Coat®, Herbal Cold Care

Pair these gifts with a ceramic mug that will become the new favorite, or the popular gooseneck kettle,  eucalyptus bath bombs for winter health or Rosemary Gladstar's  Book of Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health

Here's to a festively herbal holiday season!
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