Bitters: An Alternative to Strict Food Elimination

A healthy digestive tract is key to supporting system-wide health in your body.  Many people already recognize this. In fact, when people eliminate certain foods from their diet, it is often for this very reason. Food elimination is typically adopted by those who are experiencing indications of inflammation somewhere in the body.

What people often don’t realize, is that there are other helpful means for maintaining digestive balance to promote system-wide health. Luckily, they often don’t have to involve drastic measures like cutting out your favorite foods all together for the long term. 

Taking bitters before meals is an excellent and easy way to promote just this type of digestive maintenance. 

Bitters are the ultimate digestive tonic because they work in so many helpful ways. In this case, bitters support the digestive tract in functioning exactly how it is designed:  to assimilate that which keeps us healthy and to excrete that which might cause us harm or irritation if it entered into wider circulation. When our bitter taste buds are activated, they promote a myriad of digestive secretions such as bile, stomach acid and digestive enzymes whose job is to help us both assimilate and excrete efficiently.

The benefits of having this system in good working order are countless and can include a thriving liver and healthy, glowing skin.

Food elimination can certainly be helpful in certain instances, but as a strict, long term practice it can also be quite taxing of your time, energy and ability to share in good food with friends and family.  It’s nice to know that there are other ways to tend to the link between digestive health and the greater health of your body. 

At Urban Moonshine, we are all about cultivating wellbeing through tonic herbalism. Simple, everyday healthy habits go a long way toward how our bodies feel over the long term. Taking bitters as a daily tonic before meals not only supports digestive function, in turn it also supports system-wide health. As we like to say, “Take bitter, Feel better”! 

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