DIY Herbal Salt Glow for Vibrant Summer Skin

I have to say, I love being in my body in the summertime. My senses are constantly indulged by the burgeoning world around me, and the simple fact that more of my skin is exposed to the elements makes summer an intimate time of being in the world. My hands are in the dirt, my feet are in the sand, and my nose in every blooming flower that crosses my path. The earth is always near, and my body feels like another one of its fruits. With the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair, life flows and my heart is warm and open. The days just seems a little easier simply from being surrounded by earthly pleasures. Having soft skin is one of those earthy pleasures that I just adore. This is true anytime, but especially in the sun-kissed summer months. Using an exfoliating salt scrub is hands down the best way I know to get silky soft summer skin.

When it comes to making salt scrubs, there are many different approaches. I like including lots of herbs, of course, for their therapeutic and aromatic properties and also because they help with exfoliation. This recipe includes lavender and chamomile flowers–both of which are anti-inflammatory and soothing to the skin as well as cooling and relaxing to the nervous system. The bergamot essential oil is an added aromatic boon, providing a soft citrus note that is at once uplifting and relaxing. Emollient coconut oil and sweet almond oil in the recipe help seal in moisture.

Exfoliation softens and smooths your skin by removing dull, dead skin cells and making way for the regeneration of new cells. The new skin cells, along with the circulatory stimulation of exfoliation, also leave your skin brighter and more vibrant. Using an herbal salt scrub is a simple, enjoyable self-care ritual that leaves me feeling soft, radiant and oh-so-summery.


  • 1 C fine sea salt
  • ½ C Epsom salt
  • ½ C Dried chamomile flowers
  • ⅓  C Dried lavender flowers
  • 3 Tbsps coconut oil (if it’s not already liquified at room temperature, melt it)
  • ½ C sweet almond oil (you may substitute apricot kernel or sunflower oil)
  • 40 Drops bergamot essential oil*
  • 20 Drops lavender essential oil*

Makes approximately 16 oz


  • Separately mix all of the dry ingredients and all of the oils (including essential oil.)
  • Combine the dry and wet ingredients, mixing well.
  • Scoop into jars.
  • Use in the shower once a week, replacing the use of your soap. Scoop into your hand and scrub lovingly onto legs, butt and arms in a circular motion. Feel free to scrub somewhat vigorously. Start by your hands and feet, moving your way toward the heart as you scrub for maximum circulatory benefit. I like to let it soak in for a few minutes before rinsing.

*I keep the essential oil scenting minimal in this recipe to give more of a chance for the herbal ingredients to shine. If you are looking for a more strongly scented salt glow, feel free to double the essential oils.


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