February Things We Love

February things we love Urban Moonshine

February, observed as the month of love, should actually be an excuse to dive into self-care and self-love. Treating ourselves with kindness, new respect, and little indulgences make us better humans, and more able to be in conscious relationships with our partners, families, kids, and friends. 

With Valentine's day, some feel the pressure of buying expensive gifts to show their love, those who shy away from it altogether, and those who dread it because they aren't in a relationship. We are also at a pivotal time in our country where our hearts are heavy with the state of the world, and the idea of self-care and heart nourishment is of utmost importance. 

Rather than hate on the day, why not reclaim it to be something we want it to be Make Valentine's Day an opportunity to spread love, whether with one Valentine or a whole community of people dear to your heart?

Whoever you choose to share this particular day with, let's remember that healthy, open hearts and the ability to be kind are the most important during these wild times.

Here are some things we love this month:  

Urban Moonshine DIY Rose-Infused Fudge cake with Simmer Down Tonic1. DIY Rose Infused Fudge Cake with Simmer Down Tonic: A vegan, gluten-free and no bake Valentines treat. 
Rose, a beloved herbal medicine for the heart, is the perfect pair to coconut and chocolate. As an herbal medicine it supports heart health, and the beauty and floral scent of the petals remind us to bask in the sweetness of life. Our Simmer Down Tonic is full of nourishing adaptogens which protect against the depleting effects of stress, while soothing occasional nervousness and irritability. The calming adaptogens like tulsi and ashwagandha promote a mellow mood, making this cake the perfect treat to enjoy with sweethearts, family or friends.*  Find the recipe here! 


Plant Folk Apothecary
2. Forest Mist and Forest Bath Soak by Plantfolk Apothecary Around this time of year, we start to crave the lush forests, and our abundant gardens. We have been infusing our self-care routine with the healing rituals of forest scents by Kate from Plantfolk Apothecary. Both of these products contain a purifying blend of grounding essential oils from the trees, and herbal medicine straight from the forests. When the earth is quiet and the land covered in snow, a bath that smells like a walk deep in the woods, connects us to the healing power of the forests, and leaves us feeling calm, grounded and centered. 




You were born for this
3. You Were Born for This: February is a great month to explore ourselves, and we’ve been turning to the ancient art of astrology to take a deeper dive. This book is unique because it takes a modern approach to understand astrology and how it applies to everyday life. We first discovered Chani Nicolas on instagram, and loved her straightforward everyday little pieces of advice. It's been fun exploring this book and our birth charts when we are settled into a solo evening of self-care. If you are new and curious about astrology, this is a great resource! 


4: Oprah's Super Soul Conversations: These short interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts are all designed to light you up, guide you through life’s big questions and help understand yourself. We like how they are short (about 30 mins) and have been listening to them while getting dressed on the way to work, or while cooking breakfast. She has a great selection of inspiring tidbits to start your day. 

5. Simmer Down Tonic: combines Ashwagandha + Tulsi, two-time honored herbal adaptogens, with the soothing and calming qualities of tonic nervines milky oat tops and skullcap. The blend of these herbs supports our nervous system to promote a mellow mood, encourage more restful sleep, and keeps the effects of daily or long-term stress from weighing you down. Simmer Down Tonic is not a depressant, either. You can take it any time of day, as it is not sedating. Just 1 teaspoon straight in your mouth, or mixed with some water up to two times a day is all you need. The blend of building and strengthening ashwagandha and tulsi + the calming effects of milky oats and skullcap are not magical remedies for the symptoms of stress. They are deeply nourishing tonics to adapt our body in a way that allows us to be more flexible, resilient, and physiologically empowered to tolerate the effects of occasional stress. * 

Urban Moonshine Simmer Down Tonic and Joy Tonic

6. Joy Tonic: This tonic is a February must-have for blue moods, occasional anxiety, or a little overwhelmed or stress during the day- or even Valentine's day.   Whether you are getting cozy with a loved one or not, Joy Tonic opens up our hearts and allows the tension to melt away, leaving us in a comfortable place to engage in a loving conversation, be a little gentler with our actions, and let our worries melt away.* 


    7. Berry smoothies: Fruity and refreshing, berries are a connection to summer for us. We pick and fill our freezers during the summer months, and hope that they last all winter. Still, February is when we usually run out as they become part of the morning routine. A super packed flavonoid-rich way to start the day, and keep us supported during the winter months. Flavonoids are recognized antioxidants, which offer protection and support to the immune system. Find the recipe here for a berry smoothie with our Immune Zoom. 


    fresh flowers8. Fresh flowers: when the skies are gray and spring feels far away- we take the simple initiative of buying ourselves fresh flowers. There’s a simple and well-understood joy that comes from a vibrant and beautiful bouquet on the kitchen table. We have all felt it, botanical bliss; it’s like a type of spirit medicine. We often buy a few bunches of fresh flowers and then put together a few small bouquets for around the house. Our sister company, Traditional Medicinals  has a great blog post about herbal bouquets, and the meaning behind plants and herbs- check it out here when you are looking for inspiration. 

    Alkamie9: Alkame herbal powders: 
    A line of everyday herbal tonics that make it creative and enjoyable to take more herbs every day. We love this new Vermont company, and especially love supporting local small businesses whenever we can. We have started enjoying the Sunshine Golden Milk  in the mornings with some hot frothy coconut milk, and a little honey--delish! And the Cocktail Rose Dust  makes for the perfect herbal addition on any cocktails we whip up. We just love how herbs can find their way into our lives in almost every aspect, and these are no exception! 
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