Herbalists In Action: The Modern Apothecary

Building your own herbal apothecary is one of the great joys of being an herbalist.

Just like farmers stock their pantries and root cellars, herbalists stock their herbal medicine cabinets with the bounty of our summer gardens and the plants we love.  In the uncertain times that we live in, it is empowering and gratifying to know how to care for yourself and your community. At Urban Moonshine, as herbalists and healers, our role has always been to empower people so that they feel confident in how to take care of their bodies. We encourage you to make your own herbal medicine, and we also provide a full line of everyday apothecary items to have on hand.

Building a home apothecary is an exciting part of herbalism, and there is a sense of deep satisfaction that comes from having everything on hand so you can care for your community. With a combination of dried herbs, mushrooms, herbal tinctures and the essential kitchen items like raw honey, lemons, spicy peppers and ginger, we are prepared for anything that comes our way: whip up a quick immune-supporting broth, or a nerve-soothing tea on an unexpected stressful day. Reach for the digestive bitters for belly comfort if your dinner guest needs a little after-dinner support, grab Immune Zoom syrup when you need it most.  Our Medicine Cabinet poster is a guide for what we feel are essential items in any home apothecary and how herbal medicine can be easily accessible for you and your family.

The home apothecary is where we celebrate and use herbalism every day.

Introducing the Urban Moonshine Medicine Cabinet poster


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