Hit the Hay and Simmer Down Tonic Are Here!

Urban Moonshine’s team of herbalists have been extra busy these days so that you can slow down.  How’s that?  We’ve been refining two incredible new herbal formulas–Hit the Hay and Simmer Down–that will bring your nervous system the support it needs to rest well.

Herbs have long been used to support a calm and nourished nervous system and to soothe away tension at the end of the day.

In fact, it’s an area where they really shine. Given this and how often we’ve received the request for such formulas, we knew they had to be next on the list for perfecting in our research and development lab. We’re quite happy to say that indeed we’ve reached perfection with these two and that Hit the Hay and Simmer Down are now available on our site! 

Hit the Hay is a fast-acting sleep support blend that features some of the most potent relaxing nervines we know such as kava, hops, and passionflower. These herbs promote a gentle unwinding and are a comforting ally to have at your bedside on occasional sleepless nights. Research grows each day about how vital healthy sleep is to all aspects of our well being–physical, mental and emotional. A good night’s sleep has a positive ripple effect throughout our daily lives. When you awaken well-rested, you are ready to show up in the world as the best version of yourself and you’re ready to meet the ups and downs of the day with grace and energy.  

Simmer Down is more of a tonic formula, meaning that the herbs in it have been traditionally used to provide gentle but substantial support for replenishing your body’s systems when used over time.  

This particular tonic blend includes both adaptogens (which support adrenal and endocrine function), and nervines (which support a healthy, relaxed nervous system).

The formula calls on herbs like skullcap and milky oats to soothe nervousness and irritability and to promote a mellow mood. We added tulsi and ashwagandha, both plants that are deeply revered in Ayurvedic medicine, to help protect against the depleting effects of stress and to build system-wide resilience. The result is a deeply nourishing and overall soothing formula that you’ll love.  

When your nervous system and adrenals are healthy and well-tuned, your mind and body have the ability to respond accordingly to life–to step up when challenges and opportunities arise and to wind down when it’s time to rest. In this spirit, Simmer Down also promotes healthy sleep and supports your body’s ability to rest.  When taking this formula, you will notice a difference in the moment as well as how the profound effects of these herbs build when taken regularly over time.  

At Urban Moonshine, we’re all about the little daily habits that have far-reaching effects. When it comes to getting good rest, herbs are an exceptional way to support your efforts. Turn to the trusted plants in Hit the Hay and Simmer Down as part of your routines, and find a couple of other habits that also support your body’s ability to unwind, keep cool and sleep well. The benefits of being rested and replenished are well worth the small efforts.

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