How To Take Digestive Bitters

How to take digestive bitters

How to use bitters:

  • We conveniently offer 3 different sizes of bitters, making it easy to take them with you everyday.
  • No refrigeration is required, and we make two TSA-approved sizes.
  • Spray:  6 sprays will do the trick
  • Dropper:  1 full dropper = 1/4 teaspoon serving
  • Bulk Bottle:  4-5 dashes is the right amount
  • Take shortly before or after meals, up to 6 times/day

The key to unlocking the wisdom of bitters is tasting the bitter flavor. Unfortunately, when you add water it does dilute the bitter flavor as well. For this reason, our Digestive Bitters are best taken directly on the tongue. That said, if you are going to mix in water, we recommend mixing a dose in a normal-sized cup with an inch or so of water in it.

Person taking Urban Moonshine Bitters

    Set yourself up for success. Here are a few pro suggestions for creating healthy habits with digestive bitters:

    1. Keep a digestive bitter spray in your purse at all times—that way if you are eating out, you always have a remedy for an upset tummy, gas and bloating or occasional indigestion.
    2. Keep a bottle of bitters near the stove—that way when you fire up to cook each day, you are reminded to take your bitters before meals.
    3. Keep bitters in your beauty bag—remember that beauty starts from the inside and healthy glowing skin is a result of a properly functioning digestive system and thriving microbiome.
    4. Keep bitters in your car glove compartment—great for road trips and morning commutes.

    Updated August 2020

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