Immune Zoom!

As the seasons change from sunny summer fun to colder, cozier days, I’m sure to stock plenty of immune supporting herbs in my herbal pantry. It’s always wise to have one’s herbal allies close at hand for when in the moment support is called for. Immune Zoom is my very favorite formula to lean on in these cases. It is packed with plants like elderberry and echinacea, that have a long history of traditional use for supporting optimal immune function, and accented by powerful, warming synergists ginger and cayenne. Finished with organic, raw honey, this formula is simple but complete.

Having called on Immune Zoom time and again, it feels tried and true like an old friend. Understanding in detail how and why its individual herbs are so effective in supporting immune function backs up what has been my personal experience. This formula is more than the sum of its parts (though its parts alone are pretty darn impressive). All together and in just the right balance that Immune Zoom has managed to strike, these herbs synergize into a standout formula that offers refined, reliable and unbeatable in the moment support to your immune system.

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