Joyful DIY Herbal Gifts

We’ve created some DIY herbal gifts that can accompany our Organic Joy Tonic to make the perfect gift this holiday season–think relaxation, inspiration and renewal. These items are simple to make and beautiful. They make perfect gifts for anyone on your list.

Serene Soak Bath Tea 

Makes 21 individual Bath Teas (10.5 cups total)

Baths are a wonderful way to pamper yourself while soothing tension and bath teas make the experience extra special. The herbs in this blend are known for relaxing the mind and body and bringing joy to the heart. This recipe also includes epsom salts, a classic bath addition, that echo the effects of the aromatic herbs. Give them out individually with a personalized tag, tie them into bundles of three with decorative string, or find cute boxes for them.

  • 2 cups Lemon Balm
  • 3 cups Lavender
  • 2.5 cups Rose Petals
  • 3 cups Epsom Salts
  • 1 oz Almond or Jojoba Oil
  • 90 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 30 drops Lemon Essential Oil
  • 21 Muslin Tea Bags— size 3″ x 5″

  1. Combine the herbs into a big bowl, mixing thoroughly.
  2. In a small bowl, combine the almond or jojoba oil with the essential oils.
  3. Add the oil blend to the epsom salts, mixing thoroughly.
  4. Add the epsom salt and oil blend to the herbs.  Stir until fully incorporated.
  5. Scoop ½ cup of mixture into each tea bag, then secure by tying tightly.  Stir as you go if necessary to keep the salts from settling to the bottom.

Usage instructions: steep one bag of tea per bath. To bring out the scent and healing properties of the herbs you can squeeze the tea bag a couple of times once you are soaking.

Note: if you make the bath tea far in advance, store them in glass or plastic until you’re ready to gift them so that they don’t lose their aromaticity.


Bliss Balm

Makes twenty 1/4 oz balms OR ten ½ oz balms

Bliss balm is the perfect way to brighten the dark days of winter and uplift any spirit.  The aromatic boost of essential oils bring instant bliss and balance to the nervous system.  To use, anoint the pulse points (wrists and neck) or anywhere else you’re inspired to wear this joyful scent.

  • 1 oz beeswax, shaved or pearls
  • 4 fl oz olive oil or jojoba (olive oil is cheaper and easier to come by, jojoba never goes rancid and doesn’t have a scent)
  • 150 Drops wild orange
  • 65 drops geranium
  • 40 drops lemongrass
  • 35 drops ylang ylang
  • 25 drops lavender
  • 1 dropper/pipette
  • 20 ¼ oz tins or jars, or 10 ½ oz tins or jars
  • Glass Pyrex measuring cup– 8 or 16 oz

  1. Heat the olive oil in a double boiler for about 10 minutes.  (Note, if you don’t have a double-boiler, make one by putting an inch of water in a small sauce pan, and resting a bowl over it–preferably metal.).
  2. While the olive oil is heating, combine the essential oils in a small bowl or cup, then cover to keep their scent as potent as possible.  
  3. Add the beeswax to the warm olive oil and allow it to fully melt.
  4. In the meantime, in another saucepan, add a couple of inches of water and place on stove over medium heat. Place the Pyrex measuring cup in the water.  This will be the vessel that you use to pour the balm into the tins or jars.  Heating it ensures the beeswax in the balm will stay melted while you work.
  5. When the beeswax has fully melted into the olive oil, pour contents into hot Pyrex.  Use a dry towel or oven mitts to handle the Pyrex.
  6. Completing one container at a time, pour the melted balm into the tin or jar and then immediately add the essential oils–20 drops in ¼ oz, 40 drops in ½ oz.  Promptly cover to prevent the scent from escaping. Allow to cool before handling again.

There are many places to purchase the materials for these DIY projects. One of our favorites is Mountain Rose Herbs. They have a wonderful selection.

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