Just a few of our daily habits…

Tonic herbalism is a way of life here at Urban Moonshine. There is a constant abundance of tea brewing, bitters being taken before and after eating, leafy green salads being served up with all sorts of fresh veggies and herbs on top. We understand that taking herbs over time and adding them into our daily life is a great way to stay healthy and really feel alive and full of goodness, but tonic herbalism is a difficult concept to understand for people who don’t know much about herbs. So, here’s how some of us practice tonic herbalism by using Urban Moonshine products.

Megan, our sales manager, says, “I keep a large bottle of Immune Tonic on my desk at the office. I think of it as my health reserve and take a serving from the bottle every day or two. I count on it to help me stay well, especially in the colder months. I love the earthy, sweet and gingery taste –it’s so food-like my tongue confirms that this is nourishing and good for me. I find it very satisfying to take care of myself in this way!”

Vicki, our marketing manager, says, “I love the quiet moments down in my living room before I go to bed, when the kids are already asleep and the house is humming with relaxed energy. Our days can be crazy with lots of activity and running around, and I need and crave a bit of silence at the end of the day. Before I head up to bed I take a dropper full each of rose, linden and elderflower tincture, which sends me into a sleepy state and helps me get a good night’s rest.”

From Lexie, our financial and administrative manager: “For me, maintaining vibrant health is deeply rooted in my morning rituals. I start every day off with a shot of raw apple cider vinegar & a serving of bitters in a glass of lukewarm water. I do this before I eat anything, which helps to wake up my digestive system after a night’s sleep and start my day off right. They both work wonders for the skin, liver, and gut health–all of which are crucial to keeping me feeling balanced and radiant. I’m a big proponent of incorporating rituals into your morning routine–so that no matter what happens in the rest of your hectic day, you never forget to take a few minutes to cultivate wellness and take care of your body.”

Immunity, energy, relaxation–all of these can be attained through the day-to-day use of herbs. Plus it’s such an enjoyable sensory experience to taste all these flavors and add little rituals to your routine. Rituals can work wonders in quelling occasional anxiety and promoting calmness. Sustain your wellness with tonic herbalism!

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