Merry Mood Holiday Gift Guide

Our annual gift guides aim to make your holiday shopping personal, thoughtful, and healthy; for your friends and family, and the planet.

Stress and Mood For the Holidays

Our bitters make great gifts, and our stress and mood tonics take it to a new level, as you gift with intention this year.

Be sure to check out our blog post about great DIY gifts that pair well with our products.

Here are a few of our favorites for gifts this time of year:

Simmer Down Tonic:

Simmer Down Tonic Who What Why
Our calming adaptogen formula. Adaptogens protect the body from the depleting effects of stress, and support the body’s response to nervousness and irritability during a stressful day. The adaptogens in our Simmer Down Tonic support a mellow mood and leave us feeling patient, centered, all while promoting a calm, relaxed state of mind that helps to increase our adaptability to stress, tension, and irritability.

Energy Tonic:

Energy Tonic Who What Why

Full of energizing adaptogens, which support energy levels, and offer a boost in stamina and endurance  without caffeine. Energy Tonic restores mental alertness and pushes back against fatigue while using herbs to protect the body from the depleting effects of stress.

Joy Tonic:

Joy Tonic Who What Why

An uplifting, aromatic blend of herbs traditionally used to promote a joyful spirit and positive mental attitude. It is also helpful for occasional worry & tension, and for going with the flow! The aromatic & nervine herbs like motherwort, rose, and lemon balm are traditionally used to support the nervous system, making it the perfect ally during stressful times.

Hit the Hay:

Hit the Hay Who What Why

A traditional formula used to promote relaxation on an occasional sleepless night. Herbs like Passion Flower and California Poppy are traditionally used to promote gentle relaxation, to help you soothe mind chatter while melting away the tension of the day, setting you up for restful sleep. 

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