Raw Honey: An Urban Moonshine Favorite

Nectar of the gods. Elixir of life. Food of the gods. Medicine of the people. Etc, etc.

Honey has been given all of these names and the sweet, golden liquid has been touted in myth, lore and tradition spanning thousands of years and countless cultures. Its time-tested reputation as a cornerstone of health and vitality is backed up by a whole slew of modern day scientific research, as well.

Honey is, without a doubt, powerful stuff with many applications. Because our research and development team does its due diligence, we took note of its many traditional and current research driven uses. Its uses are so numbered, in fact, that honey holds a well-earned spot in each of our Herbal First Aid formulas. Yes, that’s right; Immune Zoom, Throat Spray, Aller-Blast and Clear Chest all feature pure, raw Vermont honey! Honey is unrivaled in supporting the immune and respiratory systems. It also coats, soothes and supports the throat, and is a traditional favorite during pollen season.

We choose raw honey because we think it’s the best of the best and none of its vitamins, minerals and amino acids are lost through heating or filtration processes. Plus, we all know that honey comes to us via the bees. And the bees miraculously synthesize this sweet nectar from the pollen of flowering plants. These pollen sharing beauties are the exact same trusted friends that herbalists turn to for supporting good health in a myriad of ways. Honey actually contains some of the metabolites of the plants that it comes from. This is part of the undeniable magic of honey, and we like to pass all of that wonder on to you in the most intact way possible; as pure, raw honey from the wilds of Vermont.

Maybe the best part about including honey in these formulas and your own DIY medicine cabinet is that it tastes so good. Mary Poppins was right when she sang about the spoonful of sugar, but she could have won our hearts over even more had she touted a spoonful of honey instead. By some good fortune, honey helps the powerful tasting herbs go down, while being central to how the formulas support our good health in the first place.

With a nod to the bees and flowers from which it came, we give thanks to honey for being a food to the gods and supporting the health and vigor of us mere mortals as well.

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