Simmer Down vs. Joy Tonic

The Mood and Stress Support You Need

When it comes to mood support, herbs are a reliable place to turn. From aromatic nervines to adaptogens to nervous system restoratives, herbal extracts have an impressive track record in both traditional use and modern scientific studies for supporting mental and emotional well-being.

While the nature of our moods and how we feel in everyday ups and downs varies, the nature of herbs available for mood support varies as well.

To this end, we have more than one formula here at Urban Moonshine for helping maintain good mental and emotional health–so that you can find the right herbal match at the right time. Joy Tonic was our original mood support formula, followed by our newly released Simmer Down Tonic. If you’d like to know more about the difference between the two, read on!

Simmer Down Tonic is a dynamic formula made of some of the world’s most trusted herbs. What sets it apart from Joy Tonic is that it contains herbs that support adrenal as well as nervous system health. Our adrenals are what regulate our response to stress–and in today’s world most of us could use a little added support in this area. The adrenal herbs (also known as adaptogens) in this formula include ashwagandha and tulsi–both world-renowned and longtime favorites of herbalists. These adaptogens are all about protecting your body from the long term effects of stress and supporting healthy stress management.

Simmer Down Tonic also includes two great herbs for nervous system support: skullcap and milky oats. Combined, the herbs in this formula soothe nervousness, stress and irritability. The net result of these qualities not only help maintain a healthy mood, at the end of the day they also promote healthy sleep by supporting your ability to wind down when it’s time to rest. This formula is grounding, nourishing and replenishing. You will notice a difference in the moment when taking Simmer Down Tonic, as well as the profound building effects of the herbs when taken regularly over time.

Top 5 Reasons to Take Simmer Down Tonic

  1. Deeply nourishes the nervous system.
  2. Contains adaptogens which support a healthy stress response.
  3. Helps when feeling “wired and tired”.
  4. Supports a mellow mood.
  5. Grounding when life has you running in many directions.


Joy Tonic is a formula that includes all of our favorite aromatic and uplifting herbs for supporting the nervous system–herbs like lemon balm, linden and rose. It’s focus is, in fact, entirely on the nervous system. The aromatics in this formula are fast-acting and reliable–like a reset button for the mood and spirit. Joy Tonic also features motherwort, a less aromatic plant that has been used reliably by generations of herbalists to soothe occasional worries and simple nervous tension. This lovely formula is perfect taken in the moment, when life’s everyday stressors have caught up to you and you’re ready to let go of tension.

Top 5 Reasons to Take Joy Tonic

  1. Fast-acting nervous system support.
  2. Takes the edge off during occasional moments of worry or anxiousness.
  3. Gladdens the heart and uplifts the spirit during times of grief and transition.
  4. Helps when stress leads to tension.
  5. Promotes a joyful spirit and positive mental attitude.


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