Support Your Lungs

Supporting normal, healthy lung function is an important daily consideration. Our bronchial tree is working every minute of every day, moving trapped material out of the chest by using a combination of fine hairs (known as cilia) and smooth muscle, which pulses upward in rhythmic motion carrying mucus and particulate matter along with it.

With Clear Chest, we strike a balance between moving and soothing, to achieve optimal lung support for a wide range of situations. Elecampane root, with is spicy, warm flavor, helps normal activity and circulation to the respiratory system. Thyme, with its rich complement of volatile oils, has a long traditional use record (and modern pharmacology to back it up) for supporting healthy, clear bronchial passages. And we use the perfect dose of lobelia to synergize with the first two powerful herbs: it interfaces with the smooth muscle that lines the passages of the lungs, providing just the right amount of tone. Optimal tone means that Clear Chest doesn’t make the lungs too tight and spasmodic, nor does it make them loose and underactive: it supports normal, balanced function.

We round out the blend with soothing licorice, and elderflower which has traditionally been used to encourage balanced mucus production. When you put it all together you have a fast-acting formula that addresses all the essential processes of the pulmonary system: bronchial muscle tone, activity of the cilia, and mucus production. You can feel it in your chest after the first dose.

Add some herbs to your medicine cabinet this season!

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