What is Tonic Herbalism?

Tonic herbalism is all about taking simple initiative to care for your well-being. Many herbs and virtually all medicine focus on sickness. Why wait for something to go wrong before you attend to the health of your mind and body? Sure, sickness is part of the human condition and is sometimes inevitable. It’s important to have the tools to care for yourself in those times.

Tonic herbalism, however, builds your foundation of health– physical as well as mental & emotional. In supporting your body’s long-term well-being you’re also supported in accessing your very best on a day-to-day basis.

What is Tonic Herbalism

When something is classified as a tonic, it implies that it is meant to be taken regularly over the long-term with the purpose of toning and strengthening the body’s systems.  Tonic herbal formulas generally include herbs that are very gentle, safe and nourishing. They feature many herbal superstars like the adaptogenic herbs eleuthero, licorice, maca and schisandra. They also often include mushrooms like reishi and other plants that support a balanced immune response. In a well-balanced blend, you will find an aromatic synergist like ginger that ties the formula together and helps direct it in the body.

At Urban Moonshine, we’re especially passionate about tonic herbalism and helping people take a pro-active, educated role in their own health and well-being. As a staff of trained, experienced herbalists, we know firsthand just how impactful herbal tonics can be–so we created a whole line of them that include the tried and true herbs that we love most.

Our Simmer Down Tonic includes herbs like ashwagandha, tulsi, and milky oats. It’s designed to promote adaptability, fortitude and calmness in the face of life’s everyday stressors. Energy Tonic is another formula with a distinct focus on maintaining healthy energy levels and mental alertness.

Immune Tonic is another favorite formula that we’ve created. With various medicinal mushrooms and immune tonifying herbs, this blend is traditionally used to support optimal immune function and builds immunity. It’s perfect for everyday use and especially helpful for keeping your healthy and strong during times of transition or when there’s an added load on your plate.

Tonics are a staple of wise and seasoned herbal practices. We treasure them as a cornerstone of maintaining vibrant well-being, healthy energy levels and emotional balance. Try incorporating them into your daily routine and be assured that you’ll notice the difference!

Cheers to your health!

(Updated, September 2018)

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