What’s New With Energy Tonic?

Due to the threatened ecological status of organic American Ginseng as well as the increased difficulty of finding the herb from reliable, ethical sources, we recently made the decision to stop using it in our organic Energy Tonic. Given Ginseng’s long traditional use as an adaptogen that supports healthy energy levels, stamina and vitality, its actions made it an obvious choice for this formula. Accounting for its current status, however, it’s clear that there is no longer a way to reliably source organic American Ginseng so we feel that it’s just not right to use it anymore. We rest more than assured that the other renowned adaptogens in Energy Tonic give it all the power-packed force needed to make this formula the best at what it does–supporting you to thrive!

While American Ginseng’s ecological status has been on the brink for a while, up until now we were able to get it from reputable, sustainable sources. Unfortunately, there are several related factors that point to this no longer being the case. American Ginseng, a traditional Appalachian folk remedy, has a uniquely high market demand that’s led to incredible overharvesting of the plant in the wild. Because it grows in very specific conditions and grows very slowly, it’s difficult to meet the market’s demand for Ginseng with cultivated instead of wild plants. Not only does this mean that it continues to be overharvested in the wild, but now we’re seeing more and more adulterated American Ginseng on the market. Because of these factors, the decision to take it out of our Energy Tonic became quite clear. To learn more about American Ginseng and why it’s on the United Plant Savers “At Risk” list, read more on their website.

If you read more from United Plant Savers, it becomes evident that American Ginseng’s “At Risk” status has a somewhat complex story behind it. Part of that story is one we’ve seen repeated with herbs like Ginseng that get picked up by popular culture and uplifted into superstar status. A huge demand arises in the market and, while it’s heartening to see so many people knowing and using an herb, the result of singling out one plant is often the overharvesting that was mentioned above.  This comes in part from an overly simplified understanding of herbal medicine in the first place.  It’s not uncommon for such a plant, while worthy of its reputation, to become way overused. In other words, often times there are other plants that work similarly or may even be more specifically helpful, it’s just that most people don’t know of them.  And so, a job fit for many becomes the responsibility of one–which is not a sustainable model for the one left to shoulder the work all alone.  

Herbalists know there are a number of other plants fit for the job of supporting healthy energy levels, system-wide vitality and resilience. It’s a job best shared, really, and you’ll find you can rely on the same qualities in the remaining synergy of adaptogens featured in our Energy Tonic.  The formula includes time-tested adaptogens like rhodiola, eleuthero and schisandra accompanied by the aromatic zing of ginger, cinnamon and hawthorn. Know that Energy Tonic is still here to help you power on and play hard!

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