When Life Gives You Medicine Bottles, Make Bouquets

Wondering what to do with your old Urban Moonshine bottles? One of our favorite uses is to turn them into vases! They make a perfect, charming vessel for small flowers–especially the ones that we don’t often think of turning into bouquets. Larger bottles are suited for larger flowers, of course, but part of what makes this style of flower arrangement so endearing is the fairy-like whimsy of a tiny bouquet.    

While I find uses for my miniature flower arrangements whenever the botanical world outside is in bloom, I especially adore capturing spring’s first flash of color in an itty-bitty medicine bottle vase. There’s no joy quite like noticing new life burst into being after a long, dark winter–so I’m always inspired to soak up every last drop of floral inspiration. Plus, many of the first plants to flower are low-growing (therefor small), making them perfect for the job.

There are more obvious garden cultivars to choose from–like grape hyacinths, pansies, and glory of the snow, which are all quite lovely. But then there are the wildflowers, and even the plants we don’t often pay attention to or just write off as weeds. The list of these is never ending and, of course, varies depending on where you live. Cruising your backyard, local parks, or forest trails for what’s in flower is a great way to tune into nature and increase your appreciation of plant life.  (But do be mindful not to pluck endangered species like trillium and bloodroot!).  

Some plants, you’ll learn, will last longer in the vase than others. This is part of the whimsy of springtime and plant life, and I take the short-lived bouquets as a chance to embrace the greater beauty of enjoying life as it is in the moment without getting too attached.

Hint: The best way to transform old Urban Moonshine bottles into vases is to soak them in hot, soapy water to make the labels easy to peel/scrub off.

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