Which Bitters Are Best For Me?

All of our bitters formulas contain traditionally bitter, digestive supporting herbs that will help ensure optimal digestive health. Depending on your digestive needs or preferences, one formula may be a better choice than another. When it comes to digestive woes, herbs are among your best allies, and with good reason: they work, and usually quite fast. Bitter substances stimulate the body’s innate digestive response and optimize digestive function.* They trigger the digestive system to produce the body’s endogenous digestive enzymes, secrete bile, and balance HCl levels in the stomach.* As soon as you taste the bitter flavor on your tongue, it's like a doorbell message to your stomach to get ready for a meal - and right away, your digestion gets going!

We have five different bitters formulas designed to be helpful and supportive to a wide range of people. Take a look at our difference bitters formulas and choose the one that's right for you.

Classic Bitters: Original and Citrus

Our classic bitters include herbs like Dandelion Root and Leaf, Burdock Root, Yellow Dock, Gentian, and Angelica. These bitter roots are rounded out with carminative aromatic herbs like Ginger, Fennel, and Orange Peel to soothe gas and bloating. Bitters also provide liver and gentle daily detox support.* You can expect a clean burning metabolism, beautiful skin, and fewer cravings with continued used of bitters.*

Classic bitter formulas:

  • Support healthy digestion*
  • Soothe gas and bloating*
  • Encourage digestive secretions and gentle daily detox- which in turns helps you absorb the most nourishment available in all that healthy food you are eating.*
  • Offer relief for occasional heartburn*
  • An organic, whole plant alternative to digestive enzymes. 

The 2 Different Classic Bitters Flavors:

Original Digestive Bitters

Our most bitter formula, featuring more gentian than all the others. Original Bitters are for the bitter enthusiast!

Why choose these bitters:
  • Overeating: ate too much and need some fast acting relief
  • Gas bloating : my meals make me bloated and I am looking for something to soothe it
  • You love the taste of bitter
  • You enjoy the strong bitterness of coffee in the morning and are looking for a healthy alternative to wake up your digestive system

Tasting notes: strong bitter, earthy with light citrus freshness and notes of fennel and cardamom

Citrus Digestive Bitters

Our classic bitters formula, with a citrusy twist, making these bright and zesty in flavor notes.

Why choose these bitters:
  • Overeating: ate too much and need some fast acting relief
  • Gas bloating : my meals make me bloated and I am looking for something to soothe it
  • The citrus lover
  • The cocktail enthusiast
  • If you enjoy lemon in your water- add in a dash of citrus bitters and it makes it even better!

Tasting notes: citrusy, bright, bitter, slightly sweet


Healthy Liver Bitters

Our liver is our superstar. One of the largest organs in our bodies, the liver's primary function is to detoxify and support healthy metabolism. It is the gatekeeper, tirelessly defending our body of all the chemicals, toxins, and anything else we cross during our lives: hormones, synthetics, alcohol, unnatural substances. The filtered waste is turned into bile and stored in your gallbladder. During digestive processes, the bile is released into the digestive tract as we eat and metabolize food.

This formula was designed with specific herbs that encourage and support the movement and production of bile and supports the liver's ability to clear waste from our bodies.

Why choose these bitters:
  • Looking for natural liver support
  • You are hoping to brighten and support a gentle detox of the skin.
  • A lover of your daily beer or cocktail
  • You work around harsh chemicals and/or cleaning products and want to support your liver to do its job of flushing out toxins
  • You are looking to maintain healthy cholesterol levels that are already in a normal range
  • Looking to support the healthy production and release of bile*
  • Looking to support gas, bloating and occasional upset stomachs*

Tasting notes: sweet, bitter, woody and herbaceous.

Cider Vinegar Bitters

Alcohol free and equally as delicious, or Cider Vinegar Bitters is the perfect solution for those avoiding alcohol and wanting the digestive benefits of bitters + apple cider vinegar.

Why choose these bitters:
  • Fast-acting relief for occasional heartburn & indigestion*
  • Encourages digestive juice production*
  • Vinegar forward with notes of balanced bitters
  • Relieves gas, bloating and upset stomach*
  • Supports gentle detox & healthy skin*
  • Alcohol-free formula

Calm Tummy Digestive Bitters

We wanted a bitter option that was palatable and safe across the board. These bitters are for everyone: during pregnancy, and enjoyed by kids! The sweet and soothing taste of these bitters pleases most palates. With all the same digestive benefits of our original bitters line, our Calm Tummy Bitters are also suitable for morning sickness and occasional nausea during pregnancy, and they can soothe the gut-brain connection during periods of stress.

Why choose these bitters:
  • A queasy, nauseous stomach
  • For pregnant mamas: occasional nausea or morning sickness
  • Nervous stomach: If digestive upset is typical for you during busy or stressful times
  • The chamomile tea lover
  • Looking for formulas free of citrus, fennel, and essential oils.
  • Looking to soothe gas and bloating

Tasting notes: smooth, slightly bitter, buttery and floral.

*Note: when we talk about heartburn, we are speaking of the occasional bout of heartburn your experience. We are not talking about consistent heartburn that sticks with you every day. Please consult your doctor on this matter if you are experiencing chronic daily heartburn.

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